Bleu condoms are born out of personal suffering like itching, dryness to the vagina from chemicals found in top condom brands in India. Being a female founder the process from procuration of latex till the final product on the shelf is been taken care of minutely and with regards to quality.  

Made with the world’s finest natural Material. Our Latex has been procured from farms which have been accredited by FSC, which means we have a controlled usage of pesticides and no child labour policies. The sustainable concept followed by us believes in giving back to society more than we take. Hence we use offspring water found near our factory for processing latex. Along with very reduced usage of accelerators to emulsify the latex process. At the time of adding the lubricants, we have removed the casein (a milk substitute) to adhere to vegan condoms policies. Along with it, we have also removed the chemicals like Parabens, Glycerine and Benzocaine to reduce the possibility of itching and dryness in the vagina during sex. 

Before packing into the foil pouches each and every condom is electronically tested for safety along with the checks like head and tail fitness and rolling. Each Bleu condom has to pass stringent series of test before it reaches our customers. 

That’s why you can rest assured with Bleu quality as it is one of the top condom brands in india


Still what more do you add? 

Bleu believes in a holistic approach to any problem. That’s why we could have simply made a superior product and launched it we also took the path of education and awareness for protective sex. 

We have a thriving community of experts who ready to help you with a solution to your sex problems. In case you want to reach out to them please do write to us at 

Our team of expert with get back to you with all the sex problems that you are hesitant to discuss.  

Can Condom guarantee 100% success? 

Among all the birth control method Condom has the highest possibility of success rate if worn correctly during the protective sex. 

The Bleu Thin condoms provide a heightened sexual experience (ultra thinner latex) with no compromise in safety. Better for you and your partner – low odour and free of nitrosamines. Safe & secure – individually electronically tested. 

The lubes used on our condoms are free of parabens and glycerine.  

Which flavoured condoms are available? 

Bleu thin Condoms are devoid of any artificial flavours and colours. Indians love for flavoured condoms has created a lot of choices but unfortunately, like lubes, the awareness still lacks about its usage in the vagina.