Having sex and avoiding getting yourself or your partner pregnant is a tricky business. You need to keep up with your fertility days and off days to know what time is great to have sex between periods and stay without a child. If your plan is to have but not have any kids, being up-to-date with your ovulation days is the best way. For this, you need to be fully aware of your menstrual cycle. Then, calculate the days 11 and 21 of your menstrual cycle. After the period, sex is safe during this time. That is when ovulation happens and you are most fertile and welcoming of a sperm.


During ovulation, luteinizing hormone makes your ripe egg release while your cervix creates more mucus. This allows the sperm to slip in further with ease and meet with the released egg. You can track this yourself or with a number of resources available online. But if you really want to be safe, it is best to use different types of condoms every time you have sex and you can buy such condoms online. Even if you are not ovulating and have sex, it will be a good idea not to take the chance of not getting pregnant.


But there is one other risk that you need to consider and that is getting an STI. Having unprotected sex carries a risk of contracting of giving a sexually transmitted infection from or to your partner. You need to understand what the use of condoms is and how safe condoms are. These are highly effective against STIs, apart from helping you avoid unwanted pregnancy. You can get the best condoms for feeling and safety for pleasurable and safe sex.


If you have wondered can we have sex during periods, the answer is yes because you can have period time sex? But to stay safe during period sex, you need to stay safe and use condoms. The side effects of sex during periods are that you can still get pregnant and acquire an STI.