What ingredients are Bleü’s premium Ultra-Thin lubricated condoms made with?

With just 0.05 mm thickness, Bleü’s Ultra-Thin Natural condoms are the most sensitive condoms that are made from eco-friendly ingredients. The latex collected for manufacturing condoms is from certified Forest Stewardship Council. Our WHO standards makes sure that Bleü contains natural latex that has no trace of N-nitrosamines, a harmful carcinogen found in rubber.

The lubrication used in premium quality rubber latex in Bleü Male Latex condoms is free from paraben, glycerine, benzocaine & artificial flavours, making them the best condoms for women’s pleasure & sexual health.

What is the shelf life of Bleü's Ultra-Thin lubricated condoms?

After undergoing stringent quality checks and electronic testing at Bleü, our condoms come with an expiry date of three years from the date of manufacturing, as per government norms.

Being harsh chemical free condoms, it is advisable not to expose Bleü condoms to direct sunlight as it may affect its shelf life.

How do I use a condom?

Even best quality condoms will fail to meet its intended expectations if one wears them incorrectly. From safely removing it from its wrapper to putting it on, enough care must be taken to avoid tearing it.

The first thing to keep in mind before putting on Bleü premium condoms, is to ensure there is no air bubble trapped inside. It is advisable to put the condom on while the penis is in erect position so that it does not fall-off the penis. The rim of the condom must always stay on the outside.

How effective are Bleü's Ultra-thin lubricated condoms?

Bleü’s Ultra-thin Premium condoms undergo stringent quality checks and electronic testing for strength, elasticity and reliability in accordance with all safety norms before they are released into the market.

But, when it comes to effectiveness against unwanted pregnancies and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), no condom in the world can provide 100% guarantee if it’s not used in the intended way it is supposed to be.

How are Bleü condoms different from other condoms?

Known as the pioneer of one of the best and safest condoms for women’s health, Bleü’s Male latex condoms come with several USPs that makes it unique & one-of-its kind premium condoms in India.

Being natural latex condoms with hypoallergenic properties, it is unlikely for one’s partner to have a nasty experience like irritation, itching or burning sensation as a side effect post lovemaking.

Can I use body oil, gels, or other non-water based lubricants with Bleü condoms?

Bleü natural rubber condoms already come lubricated with a non- harsh chemical-based silicone oil sans any toxic agents like paraben or glycerine in it.

In case one needs extra lubrication, one may opt for water-based personal lubricants as they are compatible with Bleü natural condoms and may not damage them. However, we do not recommend the use of oil, gels etc. as the condoms may be vulnerable to tearing.

Are Bleü condoms reusable?

No, they cannot be reused. Like other condoms, Bleü’s Male latex natural condoms are to be disposed after single-time use for safety and hygiene reasons. Whether it’s vaginal or anal sex, a new condom must be used every time when making love.

Can I use Bleü condoms for anal sex?

Yes, you can. Bleü Natural condoms do not use any form of harsh chemical ingredients, and are very versatile. It comes with extra durability when it comes to usage for anal sex, making them one of the safest condoms to buy!

Are thinner condoms more likely to break than other styles?

Bleü Ultra-thin premium condoms undergo stringent quality checks that include strength, leak & elasticity test ensuring that it can withstand friction without sustaining any damage. Not only are they the best condoms for sensation, but also the safest to buy in the market today.

How do I know if I’m allergic to latex condoms?

If you notice symptoms like itching & burning sensation in your private parts post lovemaking, it could be a sign of latex allergy, but it needs to be diagnostically confirmed by an expert allergist.

Chances of such a scenario are remote, with Bleü premium condoms. Reason being, they are the best hypoallergenic condoms available right now. However, if symptoms are evident please do visit a doctor Immediately!

How does Bleü test its condoms for quality?

Since condoms breaking or failing could lead to adverse consequences like STD infection or unplanned pregnancy, Bleü takes quality testing for its premium condoms very diligently. Only those condoms that pass the strength test, leak test, elasticity test and air test are released into the market. Every condom is also electronically tested to rule out the presence of any unintended miniscule defects such as holes.

My boyfriend doesn’t want to use condoms. What should I do?

A planned pregnancy is a different issue altogether but if it is not the motive, it is never advisable to have sex without either of the partners using a condom – male or female – for safety reasons.

That using condom makes skin contact feel less sensitive isn’t a valid argument any more, as Bleü’s Ultra-thin brand of condoms is one of the most sensitive condoms available today.

In such a context, it is better to communicate with your partner about your feelings openly.

What is N-nitrosamines?

N-nitrosamines is a harmful carcinogenic agent that is often found in tobacco smoke and rubber products like condoms, baby bottle teats and toys.

Preceding scientific literature shows that there are instances where minute traces of N-nitrosamines from male latex condoms may migrate to the vagina during sex.
However, in Bleü premium condoms, we have ensured there are undetected traces of N-nitrosamines.

What chemicals of concern are commonly found in other condom lubricants?

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we have managed to ensure Bleü premium condoms remain unadulterated from several harmful chemicals that may often cause allergy. Not just hypoallergenic, our natural condoms are free of paraben, glycerine, benzocaine & artificial flavours, unlike other brands.

Can I use two condoms for extra safety?

No. Neither do any scientific evidence suggests using two condoms instead of one provides better protection against STD infection & unplanned pregnancy. Also, the use of double condoms may create extra friction with a possibility of condom tearing during sex, leading to the accidental release of semen.

Can Bleü condoms prevent sexually transmitted diseases from contacting during vaginal & anal sex?

Yes, absolutely. Bleü condoms are not only effective in blocking transmission of sexually transmitted infections, skin diseases and HIV, but also reduce the risk of allergic reactions due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Are Bleü condoms coated with spermicide?

Although spermicide coating is known to kill sperms, Bleü natural condoms do not come with prior spermicide coating as its hypoallergenic properties make it one of the safest condoms to use. Being chemical free, there’s no need to provide it with spermicide coating as there is no scientific evidence suggesting that condoms coated with spermicide provide better protection.

Should two HIV+ partners need to use condoms?

Yes, they should as HIV+ partners are more vulnerable for transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) due to their reduced immunity levels to fight diseases. Condoms are also useful to prevent unplanned pregnancy as the risk of transmission of HIV to the unborn child remains very high in such couples.

Do you provide sexual health-related advice?

Yes, we do address queries of people on such issues through Bleü blog. Readers can also write to us and seek advice for their sexual health-related problems at Letstalk@Bleü


My Bleü condom order has not yet been delivered. What should I do?

Any order takes about 5-6 working days to get delivered from the date of placing the order. If your supply has still not been delivered in the stipulated time, please drop an email at and we will sort it out for you.

Which all locations do Bleü delivers to?

We deliver all over India.

How confidential is Bleü’s product delivery service?

You won’t be embarrassed if someone else collects your order on your behalf, even when you are not at home as we ship all orders in a discreet package with no mention of what’s inside or information about the condom manufacturer on the parcel.

We do not attach an invoice along with the delivered product. The sender’s address too will not make any mention of the word ‘condom’.

Accounts and Payment

How do I pay for my Bleücondoms Order?

You can opt from a variety of payment options including credit/debit cards, netbanking, some wallets to complete your payment.