Unprotected sex is considered to be one of the major mistakes that ruin a couple’s sexual life. 

One of the common condom mistakes is not wearing it correctly. Not checking expiry date of the condom bring the risk of unprotected sex 

Best condoms to use for safe sex should be the one which has less use of harsh chemicals in them as they cause damage to both the individuals.  

There are numerous types of Sex Positions that help in happy Lovemaking Sex. This also helps in a healthy sexual life.  


Few Common Condom mistakes: 

  • Wearing 2 condoms assuming that it will give extra protection. 
  • Wearing it at the right time, so that there are no chances of slipping off during the act. 
  • Use of wrong lubricants like oil-based as they become extra greasy causing friction and resulting in breakage of the condom. 

Good lovemaking sex is about mutual pleasure, enhancement so that you can enjoy yourself. Experimenting with different sex positions can help in boosting up the pleasure factor. 


best condoms to use for safe sex

There are not many Long-Lasting condoms benefits as the chemicals used for it can cause some serious hormonal imbalances. These chemicals are mixed up with the lubricant to help control climax and prolong the sexual excitement during the act. Long-lasting condoms benefit those who do not care about their partners and self-body. 

 When used correctly, condoms reduce the risk of STD/STI transmission, and unplanned pregnancy. 

As you apply the condom, leave a bit of extra room at the head. Not too tight, not too slack. There should be enough space at the tip to provide comfort and accommodate semen. 

Bleu Ultra-thin Condoms can be considered as one of the best condoms to use for safe sex as they are free from harsh chemicals without any artificial flavors added to them.