Condoms are caps made from rubber, latex, or other materials and are meant to be worn over a penis or inside a vagina. These are called male/ external and female/ internal condoms respectively. There is also a type of condom called a dental dam that is literally a sheet meant to be worn over a mouth during oral or anal sex. These are used to protect against sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy by creating a barrier.


You can get them at the best prices from the best condoms to buy online in India easily. But it is important to keep in mind when you see brands selling top-rated condoms in India or the best condoms to buy in 2021 are that even these can carry certain harmful components. The rubber or latex used in condoms and the chemicals added can affect your health adversely. Buy condoms online at the best prices might not be best for you!


These have chemicals like casein, spermicide, benzocaine, paraben, and more such chemicals. Casein is dangerous to people with a dairy allergy, spermicide can increase chances of STIs, benzocaine is a local anesthetic drug while paraben affects the female hormonal system. None of the top condom companies for males in India will tell you these. Choose the Best Condoms to buy online in India.