Foreplay meaning in a relationship :


1. Tease, Touch and Seduce


These feelings let you build up excitement, gets your blood pumping, and makes sex all the more amazing.

If you are forgetting foreplay before sex, you are missing out on one of the best parts of the lovemaking sex experience. But the Tease in foreplay is just one part of it; you need to understand the biological perspective to gain an insight into the nature of the stimulation.  While men are aroused in a few minutes, women take more time to get to the state.

Foreplay ensures that both partners are at their peak of arousal at the time of sexual intercourse. And it also helps in attaining orgasm for both. 

At the initial stages, individuals don't need to prolong foreplay to get aroused. But with age, it becomes important to get full arousal and get ready to have an intense and satisfying lovemaking experience. 

sexual intercourse


Otherwise, it will only be a half-hearted attempt at something that ensures the best time of your life.  For men, it ensures an erection, and for women, it ensures lubrication to make the experience pleasurable to both. 


It is normal for a regular sexual relationship to fall into a routine; you need to have a good idea about how to use foreplay to spice things up. From hugging, kissing, caressing, petting, fondling, to teasing, undressing, and oral sex is part of it. 


However, it is not about touch alone, anything from looking at each other longingly, reading a dirty novel, to seeing a movie together or giving her a neck massage may lead to arousal. 

Remember, a long kiss on the mouth can be a good beginning.  But it's not essentially the end. 


2. Play With One Other's Hair


It will give soothing and arousing at that time. Keep fingers running through your partner's head for getting relaxed mood. It will look like innocent but it is great in that time. Give him/her pleasure.


3. Play with His Feet


Choose an empty space in your bed room, restaurant or park and sit opposite to him and look into his eyes. Surprise him with your leg and play with his feet. slowly, repeating the up and down motion a few times. Finally, slide your foot near his crotch and settle there.


4. Give Him An Erotic Message

If you want a great sex, you should give him an erotic message before going to it. Set the mood with lightening and great music and then, go ahead and apply massage oil on his body.

From there, start massaging his body. Start with legs, arms and back etc,. Make sure his body is in relax mode before going to sexier areas. Once done it, go for massaging important and sexier bits.


5. Take Your Time On Removing Your Clothes


Foreplay is a Marathon, N a Sprint. Instead of quickly stripping down, go on marathon way. Start by taking off their shirt. Wait a few minutes before taking off their pants and so on. You can Kiss each other's body parts and revealed body. Touch Private Parts unknown. Perform the best Sex Positions at this time. Once the Top is gone, gently lick the body and suck on their nipples. Use the Best Condom Brands while you are during sex with others.



Do's and Don'ts in Foreplay :


  1. There are no sets of dos and don'ts when it comes to foreplay. 

2. You need to learn about what your partner likes and dislikes on the go.  Concentrate on the cues. Make her comfortable. 

3. Talk about how lovely she looks and how sexy her lingerie is while you fondle and caress her. You need to find out what arouses her. 

4. For some women, kisses on the neck and behind the ears can lead to arousal, while for others, oral stimulation may be necessary to get them stimulated. 

5. Identify your partner's erogenous zones to make foreplay a great experience.