Sexual Trends 2022

What’s Hot & Happening in Sex 

2022 is the new era of sex and exploration. People have seen a massive change in their definition of sensuality and intimacy, new paths to knowing what they want. 2022 is a wave of change from the traditional. Here’s what is being talked about-:

  1. Self Pleasure: Satisfying ourselves has come back in a big way, with masturbation becoming a form of self-care. Users, especially women have become more open to the act, deeming it a necessity for pleasure and release. According to sensuality coach Eleanor Hadley, “a lot of people had the chance to get acquainted with their own self during the pandemic, with many trying sex toys for the first time.” 



  1. Wearable SexTech: There has been a large demand for discreet, wearble sex toys that ensure on-the-go pleasure. With technology being adopted by the sexual wellness community, there is a lot of new gear to look forward to. From remote-controlled pocket vibrators to apps that make date nights sexier and even virtual reality upping the sex game, the impact of wearable sex tech is huge with apps taking up such a large segment in the online market changing the way we view intimacy. Breaking the boundaries of where pleasure can be induced, seeking satisfaction is being seen as an act of wellness. 



  1. Heteroflexibility: There has been a lot of thought and growth that has gone into traditional practices.With more understanding of sexuality and self-reflection,we have a clearer picture of our needs and desires. It has become an important aspect of our personal sensual journey. 

So, if we identify as “mostly straight” but find ourselves attracted to the same gender, romantically or sexually or both, it’s okay to let those feelings play out. Sexuality is a spectrum that is welcomed and while some people think labels aren’t helpful, for others it can be. This is leading to more singles going towards exploration and embracing more facets of themselves sexually and intimately. 

  1. Ethical Porn: In the chase to combat illegal and unverified material, global icons like Pornhub banned over 10 million videos on its site, as the world’s idea of porn is changing quite drastically. While porn still plays a major role in communication, fantasies and sexual desire, it doesn’t have to be old school. Ethical porn, wherein it's made with active consent from both parties, with members equally paid and pleasure isn’t just one-sided, is gaining enormous traction. 

5.Dating Then Vs. Now: Samarpita Samaddar, Indian Communications Director of Bumble said “if the last two years have taught us anything, it's that people are being more mindful of what they are looking for in partners, and more intentional about dating at their own pace and time. 

In an article by the Free Press Journal, 48% of dating app users have no idea what their type is and are going towards “Explori-dating” which is their way of testing out their compatibility with different people and what works for them. Arpita D'Souza, a makeup artist from Goa says, “I’m still young and not really sure what kind of partner I’m looking for. I’m on a few dating apps just to have fun and explore my options.” 

  1. Outercourse: According to the dating app Hinge, a third of people say that they wait longer to have sex with new partners because of Covid-19 fears. The pandemic has left quite a scare which leaves questions about hygiene and care when it comes to intimacy. “Outercourse” is engaging in sexual activity without intercourse and it means separate things to different people. While some people might see it as everything but penetration, it has a lot to do with tactile pleasure and intimate non-sexual touches and gestures. Outercourse is a safe sex alternative as it establishes boundaries and encourages better communication for pleasure. 

“We weren’t clicking for a long time”, says Maya (name changed), a 26-year-old graphic designer from Bengaluru. “Me and my partner Kaushal (name changed) have been together for 4 years and we lacked something new in our relationship”. So we started trying out small intimate actions throughout our time together and now, we have a whole new idea of what we like!” 

  1. Environment-Friendly Sexual Wellness: More and more wellness companies are going green by consciously trying to reduce their carbon footprint and increase sustainability. With the refusal of animal testing of sex toys and using vegan and completely plant-based materials, companies are looking towards eco-conscious solutions. 

As consumers become more aware of what goes into the manufacturing process and the environmental impact of the production of clothes, this is going towards ethical sexual products as well. With more people taking charge of what goes into their bodies, they care about where the ingredients come from and if it’s a good fit for their bodies and lifestyles. Bleu is working towards making its products completely plant-based and vegan, with our condoms which are naturally sourced and contain zero harmful chemicals

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